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Firebird Red Book (Motorbooks International Red Book Series)
by Peter C. Sessler

Must have for any year owner. If you want prices, options and numbers for each year this is it. I've found that this book contains much of the information I've needed to help people decipher VIN codes and option codes as well as give out some of the lesser known facts about the Pontiac F-Body. As a Firebird owner and enthusiast, I recommend this book as a "must have".

Big Book of Camaro Data 1967-1973
by John R. Hooper

Paperback: 160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.42 x 10.62 x 8.29

Publisher: Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0879389737; (January 1995)


by Jim Dietzler Edition: Hardcover

Anyone whose heart has been stolen by Chevrolet's Camaro will have their heart stolen by this well written, sturdy book. With its multitude of color photos, and its plethora of facts and information, the book covers the Camaro in a chronological fashion, from beginning to end, beautifully. Dr. F-Body recommends this book to all Camaro lovers.

Catalog of Firebird Id Numbers, 1967-93

Cars and Parts Magazine Matching Numbers Series)
by Staff of Cars and Parts Magazine

This book contains vast information on option codes for Firebirds. Helps in decoding the VIN, body plate, engine numbers, transmission numbers, and axle codes. A must for that numbers matching Firebird.

Original Camaro: 1967-1969

(Bay View Original Series)
by Jason Scott, Andy Kraushaar (Photographer)

Hardcover: 128 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.78 x 11.88 x 9.15

Publisher: Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760309256; (November 2001)

Standard Catalog of Firebird: 1967-2002
by John Gunnell, John Schinella 

Embrace the thundering horsepower of Firebird, Pontiac's number one performance car, in this full-color reference featuring comprehensive coverage of every Firebird built from 1967 to 2002. Owners and fans will enjoy tracking the evolution through hundreds of color photos while learning about their favorite models.

Standard Catalog of Camaro 1967 to 2002
by John Gunnell, John Schinella

Easy-to-read listings contain extensive historical facts and figures, vehicle descriptions, serial number explanations, original price and weight charts, available equipment, technical specifications, production data, and engine details. Hundreds of full-color photographs depict every model year and style changes. Covers every Camaro model built including Rally Sport, Super Sport, Berlinetta, Z-28, IROC, Indy Pace Car, and Yenko.

Pontiac Firebird 1967-2000 Photo History
by George W. Scala
George also did a book in '99 titled "Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am 1969-1999 Photo History". This book is on the same premise but gives you more details about the cars. Each year is covered and there are some great examples. I highly recommend this book. More details and great pictures. George does another fantastic job.

Camaro Exposed: 1967-1969 

Designs, Decisions and the Inside View
by Paul Zazarine

"Camaro Exposed: 1967-1969" tells the story of the formative and most collectible years of that classic pony car. Camaro Exposed: 1967-1969 documents through first-hand reminisces of GM engineers and previously unpublished photos the development of GM's high-performance muscle car.

Firebird & Trans Am: Performance Portfolio 1993-2000
by R. M. Clarke (Editor)
Two of today's hottest performance cars, the Firebird and Trans Am, have revitalized the American high performance market with their latest models. Covering the years 1993-2000, this book includes road, comparison, and preview tests, new model introductions, performance data, and specifications. Models covered include the Firebird, Trans Am, WS6, Formula, Ram Air, Convertible, and Hurst Firebird by Lingenfelter.

Camaro (Musclecar Color History)
by Steve Statham

This book's sturdy, glossy pages are covered with great looking photographs of some very rare and perfectly restored Camaro's. The Photography is class-A and the history write up is very informative about the platform in general. 140 illustrations.

Camaro 4th Gen Bolt-On Performance Guide 

(S-A Design) by John Smith

Everything You Need to Build a Fast, Dependable Camaro for Street & Strip. Camaro Bolt-On Performance Guide brings together-in one resource & information, facts, figures, and details covering most aftermarket performance items available.

The Fabulous Firebird
by Michael Lamm

This book is, simply stated, a must have for the serious Firebird enthusiast. It covers the history and development of the first and second generation F-body Firebird, including production numbers and data for base, Esprit, Formula and Trans Am models.

Firebird & Trans Am 1967-1994

(Motorbooks International Muscle Car Color History)
by Bill Holder, Phillip Kunz, William Holder

Excellent pictures and lots of lesser known facts, etc. 5 stars. This book is excellent if you want a good overview of the entire story of the Trans Am.
This book is a wonderful resource to have on hand. We recommend that any collectors, enthusiasts, or restoration specialists purchase this book.

Camaro Z-28 and Performance Specials
by Jason Scott, David Newhardt

Asphalt-eating Camaro's burn rubber through this high-performance history that looks at each model. Colorful collection of Z-28s, SSs, RSs, IROC-Zs, and COPOs, with detailed looks at specific achievements, including the Z-28's victory at 1967 and 1969 SCCA Trans-Am Championships. Vital Camaro specifications and production numbers are provided, plus an entire chapter devoted to Camaro's racing exploits.

Camaro Restoration Handbook : 1967 to 1981.
by Tom Currao, Ron Sessions (Contributor), Tim Currao

This book provides a very complete and easily used reference on Camaro part numbers, options packages, and tips for show-quality restorations. It greatly aids planning on a complete restoration, providing enough information to identify virtually every part in the car.


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