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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1967 - The Beginning 

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By tigeraid

a legend is born

The 1967 Camaro revolutionized the pony car, with an excellent selection of both luxury and performance options. You could buy a Camaro as a coupe or convertible, in several different styling trims, with an inline 6 or a V8, in base model, RS or SS trim. In only its first year of production, the impact of the Camaro was obvious when it was chosen to pace the 1967 Indianapolis 500.

Pacing A Racing Tradition        Super Sport

Interior and luxury options included full Air Conditioning, power windows, tinted glass, power convertible top, center console, and Speed and cruise control.

At its base, the '67 Camaro could be ordered with a 230 cube inline-6 producing 140 horsepower and 220 ft lbs. of torque. Other engine options included another I6, two 327 small blocks and the new 350 small block, and at the top of the list were two 396 big blocks offered in the Camaro SS (Super Sport), the latter being the L-78 396 producing 375 horsepower and 416 ft-lbs torque. Transmissions ranged from the 2-speed Power glide and 3-speed Turbo Hydromatic automatics, to 3-speed and 4-speed M20/M21 manual transmissions.

L30 327          L48 350

Performance options included Power brakes, Power steering, F41 Special Suspension, dual exhaust w/deep-tone mufflers, and special gauges in the instrument panel for the V8 models. A variety of rear axle ratios could be had from 2.73:1 all the way to 3.73:1 with the optional Posi-trac rear end to get both those bias plys smoking.

mono-leaf rear suspension

A record-breaking total of 220,906 Camaro's were sold in 1967, 195,765 coupes, 25,141 convertible, along with 34,411 Super Sports.

RS Convertible

At the bottom of the list lay a little-known option ordered by 602 lucky buyers. Little did they know that this option would become the legacy of American performance for the next 3 decades: the Z/28.




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