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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1972 - The Torque Monster Bids Farewell 

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By tigeraid

A sign of things to come

Again, the only visual change between the '72 Camaro and the '70-'71 was the egg-crate style grille. Once again emissions and the oil crunch dropped performance considerably... the hottest engine available in the Camaro was now the 255 net-horsepower LT-1 small block. This was also the last year ever that a Camaro would carry a big block, the 396/402. From this point on the largest engine offered in a Camaro was a 350 cid small block.


1972 was also the last year for mechanical cams (thank the government for that again) as well as the Holley carburetor on Chevrolet small block engines.

Rally Sport

Overall the 1972 Camaro is considered a rare car, because a 117-day auto worker strike caused only 68,651 Camaro's to be built that year. Of those, only 930 were sold with big blocks, making them quite rare.

Rally Sport SS


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