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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1973 - The Dark Ages 

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By tigeraid

Into the Dark Ages

1973 heralded the beginning of a series of silly safety standards dreamed up by grandmothers and drunken sailors in the government. GM was forced to add large, ugly looking vertical bumper guards to the existing full-width bumpers. Fortunately, Chevrolet was clever with the Z28 and RS models, and worked around this regulation by simply re-enforcing the bumperettes around the stylish split-grille setup.

With the SS now gone from the lineup (due to lack of a big block, primarily), Chevrolet offered the new LT (Luxury Touring) model, with a series of luxury options and suspension. 1973 was also the first year for air conditioning in the Z/28.

The top engine remained the now 245 net horsepower 350 in the Z28, but the Aluminum intake and Holley had been dropped for a cast-iron manifold and Quadrajet 4-bbl.

Only one 1973 Baldwin-Motion Camaro still exists, making it perhaps the rarest.


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