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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1974 - Deeper Into The Darkness 

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By tigeraid

Further into the Darkness

Thanks once again to federal regulations, the Camaro underwent another change in 1974. A rather silly "5 mph bumper" regulation was put into effect. Heavy leaf springs were mounted behind aluminum bumpers, supposedly allowing the car to take an impact at 5 mph without any damage. Not only was this kind of dumb, it also added an insane weight to the car.

The first major change to the 2nd-gen's sheet metal came in 1974. Thanks to the new 5mph bumper, a new nose and rear facia was constructed. The front end now featured a sloped grille, sugar-scoop style headlamp bezels, and the round marker lamps were mounted in deep pockets on either side of the grille. The rear facia now featured wraparound rectangular taillights. Overall car length was increased by four inches. The RS was now dropped from the lineup like the SS, leaving only the Z28 and LT to carry on the Camaro name. 1974 was also the first year for the GM HEI Distributor.


Despite the loss of performance, the restyling obviously helped, as the '74 Camaro outsold all previous 2nd-gen Camaro's.


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