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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1976 - Performance Dwindles Further 

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By tigeraid

The 1976 model was practically identical to '75. Spotters can differentiate it by the vertical chrome bar between the taillights on the LT model. Despite the horrid performance mandated by the government, the '76 Camaro sold the best of the 2nd-gen so far, with 182,981 models.

Bill Mitchell Tries to Make Things Right...

In 1975, Mark Donohue (the same Mark Donohue that raced the SCCA Trans-Am Z/28) had the idea of building a Concept Camaro. He teamed up with Bill Mitchell, a former road racer and GM engineer. After Donohue's death in 1975, Mitchell formed his own company to build these cars at his shop in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Both the completed modified Camaro's and kits for the modifications were sould out of the dealership in Connecticut. The cars got a special IROC-style front air dam, chrome windshield clips, rear window straps, hood pins, two-position volume air horns, a special steering wheel, different seats, a larger rear swaybar, 1" lowered front suspension, stiffer shocks, and Minilite wheels. Unfortunately, the 7" front wheels and 9.5" rear wheels were clad in pitiful 205/70 and 215/70 Michelins. A complete car was sold for around $9500.


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