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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1977 - The Z28 Returns! 

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By tigeraid

The Z28 Returns

The Z28 returned in 1977, upping sales another 35,000 units in the year. It was now offered as its own model with the all new 350 small block. It made a paltry 185 hp, but it was an improvement over the previous smogger engines. The small block was mated to an all-new Borg-Warner 4 speed standard, making it at least fun to drive. Chevy made up for the emissions-choked lack of power with great handling. The '77 had larger (1.125") front and smaller (.625) rear sway bars than the previous Z28s.


Thankfully, the RS was now offered in a variety of two-tone paint schemes, not just the single matte black and body color.

Hair Dryers Debut

Bill Mitchell also produced modified Camaro's for 1977. An alleged six Bill Mitchell Turbo Camaro's were built for that year, derived from the Type LT model. They featured a custom-designed front air dam, new driving lights, Minilite alloy wheels, Koni shocks, special Racemark bucket seats and steering wheel, a tuned chassis, sunroof, and special striping. The power was derived from a new dual exhaust system, a turbocharger pumping 7psi of boost, a water/alcohol injection system, transmission oil cooler, and ported and polished cylinder heads. A power radio antenna and CB radio were also included, thanks to the Smokey and the Bandit craze.


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