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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1978 - Styling up the Ante 

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By tigeraid

Styling Ups the Ante

Chevrolet redesigned the front and rear facia for 1978, fabricating new hard rubber bumpers to replace the chrome units, a design which has survived up until the 2000 Camaro's. The new bumpers were blended into the body to provide a seamless, smooth and refined look. Another change saw the front marker lights become square.


T-Tops were now offered for the first time, providing extra buyer incentive.

LT model
78 Z28

Mitchell Improves...

Bill Mitchell continued to produce modded Camaro's in 1978. They got the same goodies like optional 8" Minilite mags, now wrapped in killer P225/50-15 amd P285/50-15 rubber. The Koni shocks, 7/8" rear sway bar and 1" lowered front suspension aided the tuned chassis in handling. The special front seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel remained, with a new oil-pressure gauge, halogen headlights, driving lights, and the custom front spoiler. Other options included a sliding steel sunroof, hood pins, and pin striping. The power plant continued to be turbocharged with dual exhaust, and was rated at 330 horsepower... that coupled with the '78's ridiculously high curb weight allowed the Camaro turned mid 14s in the 1/4.


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