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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1987 - The Drop Top Returns

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By tigeraid

The True Muscle Returns

The biggest news for 1987 came with the re-introduction of the Camaro Convertible, last seen in 1969. The '87 convertible cost another $4,400 more than the regular Camaro, and was designed by ASC. Only 1000 ragtop Camaros were built in 1987, making them quite collectable. The Berlinetta Camaro was dropped for the LT model.... All Camaro's built with a rear spoiler had the third brake light moved to it.

Arguably bigger news than the new drop-top in 1987 was the adoption of the Corvette's TPI 5.7 litre engine to the IROC-Z. The Camaro's L89 was virtually identical to the Corvette's L98, except it used iron heads instead of the aluminum block-toppers on the 'vette, and a less free-flowing exhaust. This dropped the advertised horsepower to 225, with the Corvette at 240 ponies. Unfortunately this excellent power plant was only offered with the 700R-4 automatic transmission. This engine allowed the IROC-Z to run consistent 14s with a good driver. The muscle car image had truly returned...

As another sign of the times, the L69 305 H.O. and the 4-cylinder (thankfully) were dropped from the Camaro's lineup. The Z28's came standard with the 165hp carbureted 5.0, and the optional 215hp TPI 5.0.


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