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1993 - The Most Impressive F-Body's of All

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By tigeraid

The Greatest F-body of all

1993 was one of the greatest years for F-body enthusiasts, with the introduction of the all-new 4th-generation Camaro. The new styling was positively gorgeous, much more sleek and wide. All cars had a black roof and side mirrors no matter which body color was used. The Z28 had black "Z28" badges on the front fenders, replacing the "CAMARO" badges on the base coupe, and a "Z28" badge under the right rear tail light.

The base model now featured the 3.4 litre 60-degree V6 rated at 160 horsepower. (And no, not the same kickass 3.4 litre DOHC V6 featured in the Z34... though 220 hp would've been nice in the base V6 ;)

However, the big news for 1993 was the Z28, now featuring the awesome new LT1 small block, underrated at 275 horsepower. The Coupe featured paltry S-rated Goodyear Eagle GA's, and if so also included a 108 mph governor, but the Z28 could be ordered with optional P235/55R16 Goodyear's, along with 4-wheel disc brakes and the awesome Borg-Warner T-56 6-speed transmission.

The most desirable Z28 for 1993 was the limited-edition pace car replica from the Indy 500... the 4th Indy 500 the Camaro had paced. All featured T-tops and an automatic transmission. Only 645 were built.

Performance was up, with the Z28 capable of high 13s in the 1/4 with a good driver. And it would only get better...


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