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 History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

1998 - The Ultimate Small Block

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By tigeraid

The Ultimate Smallblock

1998 represented the zenith of F-body performance. The short-lived Camaro RS was dropped and replaced by the Sport Appearance Package which is now available on all models (basically just ground effects and rear spoiler lip). While the base model continued with the 3800 V-6, Chevrolet debuted their all-new LS1 small block in the Z28. (See next page for an in-depth look at this awesome engine).

Larger brakes (12" front and rear) all around were now standard on the Z28, and optional on V6 cars with the Y87 Performance Package, using dual piston front calipers and electronic rear brake force distribution.

Brickyard 400 Pacecar

The SS model, now produced in-house at General Motors, featured a more free-flowing exhaust and functional ram-air induction with a stylish hood scoop, for more horsepower (again, see next page), plus SLP's optional dual exhaust. The SS featured P275/40ZR17 rubber, and the suspension was tuned for awesome handling ability, capable of 0.95g's on the skid pad, arguably the best handling Camaro yet. This awesome package competes regularly in SCCA and Motorola Cup competition with little or no modification, and dominates. along with its sister car, the WS6 Trans Am.

Camaro's received the new hood and nose, as well. This was done primarily to accommodate for the LS1's slightly taller height compared to the LT1.




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