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History Of The Pontiac Firebird

1975 - 1981 - Living The Dream

   The 75' year model saw only subtle changes from the 74's. The most noticeable was the parking lamps on the front end were moved from the lower half of the front end in the valance panel to just inside the grilles in the upper half of the front end. The lights were positioned at the far right and left of the grilles to position them near the headlight.  Color options for the Trans Am grew once again in 75' with the addition of Sterling Silver. Admiralty Blue was replaced with Stellar Blue and Cameo White and Buccaneer Red continued as regulars. Another new color option for 75' came with the rally IIs. They could now be ordered "painted" to match the body color. The addition of a wraparound rear window and new colors freshened things somewhat for the 1975 model year the firebird was showing its age by 1977, when a new quad-headlight front end was added.


  Engine options also changed markedly, signaling the beginning of the end for division-specific engines. Replacing the Chevrolet-built straight six used since 1970 was a new Buick-built V-6, producing 105 bhp in the base and Esprit models.  Reflecting the full impact of America’s new energy awareness was a 301-cu-in. V-8, still Pontiac-built. Optional on both base and Formula were 350-cu-in. V-8s sourced   from either Pontiac or Oldsmobile. Even the Trans Am wasn’t sacred. As the decade closed, Pontiac-built 400s were used with the 4-speed manual transmission; automatic-equipped models-including California and high-altitude T/A’s used an Oldsmobile-based 403-cu-in. engine.


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