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History Of The Pontiac Firebird

1982 - 1992 - Legends In The Mist - Part Five

   As work began in earnest on the newest Firebird, there was still plenty being done to the existing production car to heighten its appeal in a market increasingly crowded by high-tech Japanese sports coupes, such as the Nissan 300ZX, Toyota Supra and Mitsubishi 300OGT. Borrowing cues from the show-car circuit, a new nose gave the 1991 Firebird a profoundly different front appearance. Also new was a convertible version, the first since 1969-that stowed the close-fitting top under a flat tonneau, giving the Firebird a particularly clean appearance in topless form.


   Only 663 Trans Am convertibles were built in 1992. The convertible optioned was reintroduced in 1991, the Trans Am had not been available as a convertible since 1969 and of course being the most famous of TAs only eight of those were built. Three engines were available for the TA in92': the best of the bunch was the 5.7L rated at 240hp followed by two 5.0Ls rated at 205hp and 230hp.


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Photo's Courtesy: The Premier Firebird Trans-Am Gallery.

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