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History Of The Pontiac Firebird

1994 / 1997 - Planning for the Future

   The latest generation of firebird; restyled, redesigned, and comprehensively rethought in 1993 set a new high-water mark in the carís lineage, not on a single strength, but rather a broad range of attributes. Just consider a few highlights: An LT1 V-8 brings Small-Block power levels like never before. A new control-arm suspension delivers inspired road holding with ride refinement unprecedented in an F-car. Standard equipment ABS and dual airbags offer safety provisions at the leading edge of current technology. This cross-pollination of long-proven hardware with state-of-the-art systems is anything but unintentional.  



   Again, Throughout this era special editions keep appearing with the 25th Anniversary Edition Trans Am GT in 1994, with all white leather interior, painted white aluminum 16Ē wheels with 25th Anniversary center caps, single blue racing stripe down the whole of the car and 25th insignias on the doors, seats, and door panels.  The Comp T/A was a special package offered by PMD in 1995 to commemorate the anniversary of the BF Goodrich Comp T/A tire. The package was installed by Street Legal Performance (SLP); the same folks who installed the Ram Air setups on later models. Besides a large array of performance enhancements the package also included a special silver and grey paint job that is reminiscent of the 25th Anniversary T/As in '94 and the familiar paint scheme given to the '70 to '72 Trans Ams. This particular T/A is one out of only eleven that came with T-Tops and an automatic.


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