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4th Generation V6 FAQ: Engine Information

Engine Specifications
Is the GN Turbocharged 3800 Series II engine the same as ours?
Is there a Supercharger Kit for the 3.4 or 3.8 liter?
Can I swap my V6 for an LS1, ZZ4, LT4, LS6?
Can I put a 4th generation V6 into my 3rd Generation?
Power Modifications - Steps to Improving Horsepower
What Parts Give More Horsepower for the buck?


Engine Specifications:


3.4 Liter

3.8 Liter


60 degree V6

90 degree V6


204 cubic inches

231 cubic inches

Liter (VIN):

3.4 (S)

3.8 (K)





92 mm (3.622 inch)

96.52 mm (3.8 inch)


84 mm (3.3122 inch)

86.36mm (3.4 inch)




Firing order:




160 bhp at 4600 rpm

200 bhp at 5200 rpm


200 lbs/ft at 3600 rpm

225 lbs/ft at 4000 rpm

Oil Pressure

15 psi at 1100 rpm

60 psi at 1850 rpm



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Is the GN Turbocharged 3800 Series II engine the same as ours?
No!! Except for the name and the thermostat and some other parts they have nothing in common. The GN engine is a lot stronger in order to survive the hi psi forced induction caused by the Garret turbo. Different pistons, rods, crankshaft, valves, and cylinder head are the keywords here. So, for those of you who want to put he GN turbo kit on their 3800 be ready to expect empty wallets and some serious work :)



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Is there a Supercharger Kit for the 3.4 or 3.8 liter?
Well for the 3.4 there is nothing available unfortunately ...
The developers claim that the engine is not able to handle the extra power that a SuperCharger or turbo produces. I think is untrue, as the 3.4 engine has proved to withstand a NOS kit for more than 1 year and this resulted in producing 256 hp at the rear wheels .. I'm 100% certain that a kit can be made without too much trouble
UPDATE: Tom from SD concept engineering inc. will be looking into an ATI supercharger kit including intercooler for the 3.4. For any progress you can contact them at:

Tom Ruggieri and Scott Dickinson
SD Concept Engineering, Inc.
Featuring ATI Pro Chargers
401-732-4047 / 401-722-1724

Well the blower kit is going to cost about $3400 give or take ... there are a bunch of options that you can add and subtract that can affect the price in both directions ... depending on what you are looking for that $3400 is only an estimate ...on a p600 2 core kit with fuel pump an FMU and molded tubing satin finish ......but we can work on the pricing after the kit is fully finished. The 3800 fans however are in luck as there is a kit available for that engine! It's made by Vector Performance and it will add a solid 100 HP to the rear wheels in the 9 psi setup! This will result in a total of 258 hp at the rear wheels, which is enough to give a Z28 a good run for it's money! There are 2 setups available: 6 & 9 psi. The 9 psi kit cost approx. $3600.
Here's a Price From RKSport: 3.8 V6 Supercharger 6lb. Polished Kit - $3,395.00



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Can I swap my V6 for an LS1, ZZ4, LT4, LS6?
Yes, but it's NOT easy at all, and needless to say that you will save many $$ by simply trading the car in !! The LS1 swap might be even more difficult as it will be harder to find a good LS1 engine and they are a lot more expensive when compared to the LT1. For those who are into self torture and really want to perform a V6 vs. V8 swap, I advise you to get a donor car which still has a good working engine and all the parts you'll be needing.



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Can I put a 4th generation V6 into my 3rd Generation?
Yes, actually Ken Anderson put a 3.4 engine in his 3rd Gen Camaro! I've never heard of a 3rd Gen with a 3800 engine but it should be possible. There is a Fierro with a blown 3800 out of a Grand Prix !!
        Visit Ken's Site



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Power Modifications - Steps to Improving Horsepower
There are many ways to gain extra power, it all depends on the 'wallet' and time you have. It's wise to do the modifications in several stages.



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Stage 1



- Modify Intake with a Cold air system (K&N F.I.P.K., SLP,etc.)


- Modify exhaust system by replacing the exhaust system with another muffler or a 'Cat back' system


- Replace the OEM thermostat by a 180 or 160 degree version.


- Put on some under drive pulleys (3.4 only, 3.8 coming soon ?)


- Replace ignition wires & spark plugs


- Install a Transgo shift kit & B&M shifter module (Automatic transmission only)

Stage 2



- Reprogram PCM with a PCM Programmer (Hypertech Power Programmer III for 2000-2002 3.8L Part#30009, There is no Hypertech programmer available for 1996 - 1999 3.8L, and only used HPP+ are available for 1993-1995 3.4L check our classifieds or ebay for used HPP+'s)

- Reprogramming the PCM is possible on 1995-1999 3.8L through a company called Superchips. (See our linkbase for a link to the company.)


- Replace OEM exhaust manifolds with Headers


- Gear swap, install 3.42, 3.73 or even 4.10 gears


- Install a limited slip differential


- Replace CAT with a High Flowing CAT or Offroad Pipe (will not pass smog)

Stage 3



- Improve suspension (handling): polyurethane bushings, lowering springs, shocks, sway bars, trailing arms, pan hard rod, and maybe even some sub frame connectors (A must for serious speed freaks who own a Convertible or T-tops coupe !)

Stage 4



- Add a Powerdyne Supercharger kit (3800 only)


- Add the NOS #5175 Nitrous kit (90 hp shot) (3.4 and 3800), or the NX nitrous kit which is available for ALL model F-bodies including the 3rd Gens !!


- Port the Intake and Cylinder head


- Replace the Camshaft, Roller Rockers, Valve Springs, etc. (this might cause the computer to lean out the system if not programmed for the cam)


- Custom PCM programmed



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What Parts Give More Horsepower for the buck?
Here is a parts list and it lists all recommended parts that you can put on your f-body!



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