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Why does the gas guage plummet after the 1/2 mark?
Where can I get a reproduction dashboard?

Why does the gas gauge plummet after the 1/2 mark?

Yet another quirk among the f-body generations. The main reason for this is that the gas tank is sort of shaped like a 'V'. Because GM was to cheap to make an accurate measure, the gauge just takes the depth of gas in the tank. As gas gets lower down in the tank, it's used faster than at the top of the tank due to the smaller volume. Thus gas is used quicker. The half way mark is actually only 1/3 full. So when the needle starts going towards the 'E', find the next gas station because 'E' is means EMPTY.

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Where can I get a reproduction dashboard?

If you have the old dash (or even one from the junk yard), a company called Just Dashes (1-800-247-3274) will recover it with a new OEM quality material that looks better and lasts longer (supposedly) than the original. They use a vacuum forming machine to apply it. Also, Classic Industries (1-800-854- 1280) is supposed to have reproductions available soon, too.

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