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Product Name: SLP Cold Air Induction
Distributor: Street Legal Performance


After installing the SLP Cold Air System in my 97 Firebird it was discovered that when starting up the car while the car was cold the system almost sounds like a supercharger. You can clearly hear the air being sucked through the system into the throttle body. This sound will diminish as the car heats up.

There have been reports that since the SLP Cold Air System intake tubes are made out of metal that the air passing through these tubes get heated before entering the engine. This is not true. I was also able to verify this statement by installing a air flow temperature measuring device between the throttle body bend and the engine throttle body. All temperate readings remained constant while in normal traffic.

There is a definite sensation that the car pulls through the gears a lot harder as a result of the installation of the cold air system.

At car shows the SLP system shows very well. I have received many compliments on the system.

The SLP cold air filters work well enough that you can remove the MAF throttle body screen with out any concerns. Provided SLP installation directions can be improved. Following the above steps installation of the SLP system is easy.


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