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Product Name: TornadoAir
Distributor: Tornado Air Management Systems
Phone #: 1-800-500-8880



 Skake oil, Gimmick, waste of money... Alot of bad things have been said or thought of, about this TornadoAir Product. I can honestly sit here and tell you that if you install one in your F-Body or any car for that matter, you better tighten that seatbelt a little more! This product does all it says, and then some! We've tested many products, and this TornadoAir product is the best you can get when comparing performance to the dollar. We used a 1996 3.8L V6 to test the TornadoAir, it increased the gas mileage by 4.5mpg, increased rear wheel horsepower by approximately 3 to 4hp, allowed shifting of gears to become smoother and firmer, increased the throttle response across the RPM band, and over all made the car accelerate allot faster. All of this from a product that took under 5 minutes to install, and costs less than $70!!!  The gentlemen at TornadoAir are very helpful and are willing to bend over backwards to assist anyone with their product. This is not a fly-by-the-night company, they have years of research and dealings with the EPA on this product behind them, as well as dozens of dyno tests and field tests in California's Saddleback College with Professor Ron Bell, Its even been featured on talk shows by Radio Host's Jeff Brooks - On The Road with Jeff Brooks!! All of this rock solid information is available on the TornadoAir website! Best of all TornadoAir has a unit for almost every make and model vehicle, including all f-bodies with carb's or with throttle bodies, even works on aftermarket intakes such as K&N FIPK or SLP's FIPK. There is a Tornado that will fit on your car. This is one mod that V6FBody Online Recommends to all members... Just think, at the very least it will save you $$$$'s at the pump!!!


An independent review from one of V6FBody's Members.

This is my info on the Tornado product. It was a delight just dealing with the people there. I got the product and couldn't believe I had paid for that little, light part and thought it was another gimmick. I put the part in, it was so easy it was sick and I still had my doubts. I fired up the engine and couldn't believe that the vacuum sound that came from my air tube and filter was almost completely gone. I noticed immediate change. I would estimate about another 5 horsepower, but the thing I am most impressed with was how smoothly the engine now ran through the RPM's at full throttle and when shifted it pushed the car into the next gear. It is the perfect additive for a stock intake or especially an aftermarket air kit. I never spent better money for my car. I recommend it highly. I also notice an improvement in gas, but I'm not done testing that yet. Right now, I am going to get at least 30-50 miles more to the tank. Don't miss out and get the product. You will be impressed.

Rev. Ron Anikewich


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