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Product Name: Zaino Bros Show Car Polish
Distributor: Zaino Bros
Phone #: (732)785-2951


 What does someone say when a product comes along that "really" blows you away. Do you say "it's awesome", "incredible", "the best I've ever seen or used"? Well, That and then some is how we feel about Zaino Show Car Polish. Gentlemen (and Ladies) This stuff will make you the envy of EVERYONE at car shows, It will have people asking if that five year old car is brand new, or it will make your friends think you just had your car re-painted!!! I have to admit, and I am being totally honest, "This """"IS"""" The single most impressive car polish I have EVER seen or used" It compares to Nothing else, and it's only competition as far as quality and looks, is itself. First I stripped the car of all other wax and polishes by washing it with dawn dish washing liquid. I then washed it again with Zaino Bros Show Car Wash. I then used a shammie and dried the car. I broke out the included 100% cotton applicator, and ran it under water, I squeezed out the water and applied the Show Car Pre-Cleaner and Lok, The texture and feel of this stuff made it look like I was rubbing the car with silk. A little goes a long way, and it is very easy to apply. I did the entire car, and let it haze dry. I then without removing the lock, turned the applicator over and applied the Zaino Bros Show Car Polish for Clear Coats, This stuff went on just as easy, as it cannot get any easier! I applied it to the whole car then let it haze dry for about 20 minutes. I then removed the polish and lok with a big soft 100% cotton bath towel, (the first time I used an applicator, this was too hard to use to remove and Sal Zaino said that I was crazy to try and remove it with that. I should use a bath towel) It comes off pretty easy being that you are removing two products. I did the hood first, and as I stood back to look at it, my jaw just about hit the driveway. This stuff looks GREAT! I rubbed off the rest of it, and ran my hand across the car. I could feel the texture of the car still, so I called Sal and asked him about it. He said that it was because I stripped the car of everything, and the polish was binding to the car, that after the second coat it should go away. Well, I followed his directions, and allowed it to sit for 24 hours, then I applied another coat of the polish. This one went on even easier, and I only used about 1/4 the amount as the first time. I allowed it to sit and haze, then after about 20 minutes, I started rubbing it off.... WAS THIS "MY" CAR? IT IS! My car has NEVER looked this good... Not even when I first bought it! In fact as I was removing the polish, the surface was so perfect, I was able to see a palm print that the factory had in the hood from when the car was painted under the clear coat!!! This polish will restore your paint to the way it was meant to look. I let my girlfriend drive it around the next day, and had her pick me up from work, well I was waiting outside for her, and I could see the cars coming about 1/4 mile down the road. I saw what I thought to be a 3000GT at first coming towards me, then I saw the placement of the fogs, and new it was an F-Body... This was a fine black TransAm I thought as it got closer... Well, I didn't even see the Mystic Teal Green until that FINE F-Body turned out to be a V6 Camaro and it turned in my driveway!!! The gloss is so deep I was able to read the label on the bottle from 2 1/2 to 3 feet away. NO KIDDING! Clear as day. There are no swirls on the car anymore, no scratch marks, no scuffs, nothing but pure beauty! If it can do that to my car, with just two coats, Just imagine what it will do for you! This stuff isn't available in stores, you wont see it on TV, its made by one person, and available only through him by mail order. I really recommend giving Zaino Bros a try. You absolutely cannot go wrong! He offers a money back guarantee! Sal Zaino really stands behind his products, and now so does V6FBody Online. It's all we'll use from now on!


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