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Technical Reference Guide: Zaino Polish Guide


ZAINO: Product Info, Application Guide, FAQ, Tips & Tricks, Photo's, Order Form


What should I use to wash my car?

You should only wash your car with 100% Cotton towels (white only) that are made in the U.S.A. Only these towels will not scratch or leave swirl marks on your paint.  The knap in the cotton will absorb a fair amount of dirt and keep it from coming in contact with your paint.  When drying your car you should use 100% Cotton towels (white only) that are made in the U.S.A. or the Absorber.  The absorber is made from Surgical Silicone and will not leave swirl marks on your car.  However, the Absorber will not absorb dirt or particles like the towels.  Therefore, you have to pay special close attention not to pick up any dirt with it.  You could drag the particles along and swirl/scratch your car up some.  I use the absorber and have not had any problems so far.  I wash every painted surface on my car as well.


What should I do before I start using Zaino?

1. Wash your car (using the 100% White Made in the U.S.A. Cotton towels) with Dawn dish washing liquid or equivalent. You want to get rid of any wax, polish, dirt, grease or grim off your car.

2. Don't dry your car off! That would be a waste of time in this case.

3. Get a Clay Bar from (Pep Boys (must be blue if you buy it from Pep Boys) or Zaino Z-18 Clay Bar). Place about 1-2 cap fulls of your favorite car wash (Hopefully it will be Z7 Zaino Car Wash) in a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Shake and spray until you get the soapy water coming out. This step is optional but HIGHLY recommended!

Start on a small section of your car. Spray the carwash water mixture in the spray bottle on the car and pull the clay bar across your paint. What?! Yeah, don't apply any pressure just pull it across. It should slide like a hockey puck on ice.  Again, place no pressure on the bar, let the bar do the work for you.

3a. Have a bug stain? Just re clay until the stain comes off. You will need to knead your clay bar to keep the dirt and contaminants off the surface of the clay bar your are touching the car with. Same goes for tar spots or over spray from the factory! This stuff is great!

4. Do this to your whole car. Take your time!!! and make sure you keep the surface you are claying lubricated!!

5. Rewash your car using Dawn or equivalent.

6. Dry your car completely using 100% White Made in the U.S.A. Cotton towels.  

8. Now you are ready to apply your choice of polish or wax. After claying and washing your car using Dawn, be sure to apply a polish (Zaino) or whatever you use. Your car will be without any wax or polish it might have come with from the factory.


Application tips and tricks

After you have completed washing, claying (optional), and drying your car you are ready to apply your first coat of Zaino.  Let's start by giving you a brief explanation of each Zaino product.


Zaino Paint Products and Explanation of Each

Z1 - This is the base coat that must be applied before any other Zaino product to your paint.  This helps the rest of the polishes bond to your clear coat.  This should be done one (1) time a year for show cars and at least twice (2) a year for daily drivers.

Z2 - This polish creates all kinds of shine!  That is the job of this polish!

Z3 - This polish is for non-clear coated paints.  Not quite as shiny but it gets the job done!  Just ask my wife.

Z5 - This polish fills in swirls marks and scratches helping to reduce the number of flaws you see.  Z5 also adds depth to your paint making it look like it great!

Z6 - This is a "keep my car" clean spray.  It also reduces static so your car will repel dust instead of attract it.  It really does enhance the gloss of your car while maintaining the slick feeling.

Z7 - This is the car wash formula.  Rumor has it that Z7 contains Z2, and really brings out that Zaino shine while sticking another layer of shine on your paint.  One thing is for sure, this stuff smells so good you want to eat it!  


When using Zaino

1.  Have a clean and dry (no wet spots) car!

2.  Make sure you wait at least 24 hours between coats.

3.  Try to Z6 between each coat of Zaino.

4.  Z1 counts has half a coat and Z2, Z5 or Z3 must be applied right after Z1 has dried on the paint.


If you have never applied Zaino to your car's paint you must apply Z1 first.  So just dab a little Z1 on the cotton applicator and start spreading.  Spread Z1 very thin and that means it will be really hard to see.  Do sections of your car at a time before you get the hang of it.  It should take just a few minutes to do your whole car after you get some practice.  So remember, "Thinner is Better", and that is what you should do.  You should let this dry to a haze before applying your next coat.  Z1 usually dries by the time you finish putting it on your car.  

Grab another cotton applicator and I recommend starting with a coat of Z5 next.  The same goes for Z5, dab a little on the applicator (or paint) and go for it.  Start in the same spot you started with Z1.  Once you finish your car, simply let it dry.  How long is long enough?  When you can swipe your finger through the polish applying very little (almost no pressure) pressure to the paint and the polish comes clean off and shines, then it is dry.  Usually takes between 15 minutes and 2 hours.  This depends on the temp and how thin you spread it.  The more practice you get the less time to dry.  I would let it set for a good 2 hours before touching it if this is your first time.

Once Z1 and Z5 have dried, simply take a White 100% Cotton towel that is Made in the U.S.A. and wipe off the polish.  Remember to turn the towel frequently so it comes in contact with dry sides of the towel.  If your polish is not dry and you attempt to take it off, don't worry.  You are essentially just pushing the polish around on the car. Give it some more time and then try again.


How do I remove tar and other stains from my paint?

You can dab a little Z2 on a cotton towel and add water.  Gently rub the area where the tar is present.  This should remove the tar totally from the paint's surface.  For tough stains, purchase a clay bar as mentioned above.  Use the carwash/water solution to lubricate and simply clay the affected area until clean.  Be sure to keep that clay bar lubricated!  Once you have clayed the area until it is free of debris, dry it off and reapply a fresh coat of Zaino (or your favorite brand of polish).  You might want to throw a coat of Z1 back on for good measure.


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