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(Were not asking for much, only a few bucks every now and then.)

" I'm sure you can imagine the expense, effort, time, and energy that goes into developing and maintaining a website such as V6FBody Online. As consuming and expensive as it may be, V6FBody Online is developed and maintained by dedicated v6 f-body enthusiasts, who have pledged to continue to serve the v6 community. "



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3. Website Support - One of the best ways to support V6FBody Online is to follow the terms of use, and help the admins enforce them to those who may attempt to purposely disregard them. We enjoy maintaining a friendly and informative website, your support and help with that is greatly appreciated. (we worked hard to give you all these free features, please help us protect them)! Feel free to answer questions that you know the answers to, or offer to help new visitors and members in whichever way you can.


4. Word Of Mouth - Finally, everyone knows that the best form of advertisement is word of mouth. We have built an incredible website dedicated to V6 Camaro and Firebirds, and want to share it for free to the rest of the world. You can help by referring your friends to, or you could hold local meetings with fellow f-body enthusiasts and use our services as a base for your communications. You could have vinyl lettering made at your local sign shop with, our website address, and display it on your Camaro or Firebird. Those are just a few ideas that support the Word of Mouth type of advertisement.


If you support in any way, or come up with ways of your own, please send us some email and let us know, we're always really grateful to those who support the V6 F-Body Camaro and Firebird community. In the past, We've even been known to giveaway thousands of dollars in free products which we sometimes receive from various companies, to the members who help support V6FBody Online!



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